Monday, June 7, 2010

Wally's World

This all started with a trip to wal-mart to find a cheap fishing pole for our outting at the park. We had exactly $14.00 to get everything. J and JW are two of the most bestest little brothers I never had and here's why.

Nicole, Jala, J, and JW enter into wal-mart looking to find the cheap children's fishing poles so they can catch fish on thier outting.

J: Oh look the fish section.
Jala: We know its not there, its in the back of the--
J: Ew... they're all dead.
JW: What?
J: Yeah like none of them are alive! Look brother!
JW: (goes over to look) Woah! all of the little fishes are just in a pile at the bottom.
J: Come on wal-mart.
JW: Must be part of the rollbacks.
J: Save better, live better: Wal-Mart.
JW: Those fish aren't living at all.
Nicole: The rods are this way come on.
(they find a $11.00 disney princess fishing rod with no hook on it.)
Nicole $11.00!?!
J: I thought it was cheaper then that.
JW: I'm not using that! its too girly.
Nicole: If you want to catch fish you will.
Jala: but then we'd have to by the hook, bait, weight and we don't have that much money!
Nicole: we can ask if we can use the dead fishes they have for free for bait.
J: Oh come on walmart! I thought you were supposed to always have low prices.


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