Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Tiger In Her Hair

This girl is going to change the world. Mark my words. Her heart is as big as the possibilities for her future and her style is the most unique. Neima Abdulahi is a Somalian beaut who's passion for music will certainly carry her far. Did I mention she has a tiger in her hair?

Neima Abdulahi
Born in:
Mogadishu, Somalia

Raised in:
Atlanta, GA

Favorite Clothing Item
a 'Bill Cosby' sweater I found in a thrift store called Rag-o-rama. If you're ever in Atlanta, visit that shop.

Favorite Movie:
Back To The Future

Favorite Artist/band:
Choosing one is impossible! Here's the shortest list I could make... NAS, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Smokey Robinson, Lupe Fiasco, Allison Krauss, Van Morrison, Tupac, etc...

Favorite Candy:
Sour Patch

I Can't Live Without My...
Tangent thoughts. I love being able to trail away from one thought to another, because it sparked an old memory or a new idea. This is where all my creativity comes from.

If I Were a Color I would be:
Lime green

How would you describe your style?
My style is accidentally artsy. I never buy clothes with the intention to look cool or fit in. But for some strange reason, it always seems to work well together. *shrug* If it didn't work, I'd still rock it 'til it did.

Of course you'd laught if I told you that someday I'll be a bigger name than Bill Gates, The Beatles and Oprah Winfrey combined. [insert an arena of laughter here]. But that's not my goal. I want to be the best Neima Abdulahi I can be. That means waking up every morning with the will to do better than yesterday.

Words you live by:
"Art allows people a way to dream their way out of their struggle" - Russell Simmons

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's Inside Your Cookie Counts

Yesterday, after leaving lunch at an Asian restaruant with some dear friends I was given the coustomary fortune cookie. I have always had the fortune of pretty well advising fortune cookies and this one was no different. It said:
Of all the things that you wear, the most important fashion is your expression.

How many times have you seen someone that no matter what they're wearing has the worst expression or attitude? They could be dressed to the nines or styled to perfection but still find something to be pissed at the world about. I've always held that the best accessory is a smile--and maybe this is what that fortune cookie was trying to say.

One of my favorite TV shows is Ugly Betty. Although now off the air the show's protaganist Betty Suarez (played by America Ferrera) is by no means a conventional beauty. Her clothes never match, she's got braces, glasses, and a forrest of frizzy hair. But what she got that most of her glamourous fashion magazine co-workers don't? Inner beauty.