Thursday, July 1, 2010

I can Right

So it has always been hilarious to me, and those that know me, that my ability to write stories is accompanied by a terrible tendency to misspell words. A lot of them. Not to mention I make words up (sometimes they end up being a real word, other times not) So I started keeping a list so that you can entertain yourselves with my inefficiencies.

  1. reffered
  2. stereyotype
  3. entrepnuer
  4. tommorow
  5. restaraunt
  6. oportunity
  7. oppinion
  8. origional
  9. receipe
  10. reciept
  11. beginning
  12. comming
  13. phoneix
  14. fource
  15. definitely
To name a few of the common ones. Well I must sleep for now. Commercial shoot tommorow. Be blessed.