Sunday, December 28, 2014

Clemency for Artists

Woe is the world unkind to The Artist! 

People with such misconstrued convictions have a specific place in the world; a place dictated by rules, traditions, and results. Among them are The Scientist, The Law Keeper, and The Rationalist. We Artists have a specific place in the world too; and without disparaging your status in life, we beg for the opening of eyes to reveal the eminent necessity for people like us. It is not validation we seek for our proclaimed path--for we are that we are at no evidence of anatomy--but rather we plead clemency for the invalidation endured by our fellow man. As all lives hold equal value, so all dreams and talents have sanctity.

The Artists are those who determine value not by dollars, but by heart. We are they that dare to live in the treacheries of the unknown so that we might achieve universal understanding through our interpretations. It is us for whom possibilities are truly infinite and life on earth made eternal. 

Yet it is because of those not like us that education and legalistic ambition have become recognized as the only means by which to achieve satisfaction, success, and wealth. Those who think solely thusly strangle and thus kill The Artist, his cousin The Dreamer, his friend The Philosopher, and lastly himself The Child. For it is my belief that all beings are fashioned with and by a creative stirring. 

Discouragement kills us all, yes, but it is especially cruel to The Artist. 

May we never seek to destroy another man's dreams simply because they are not our own. A dream is given to he alone who is able to interpret and to fulfill it's destiny. Although yours and mine are different, each have a unique equality in the world. This mecca is ours as humans to share, to uplift, and to provide for. It is then the responsibility of the collective to create a world a little less massacred by petty words of ignorance or self-serving principalities if we hope to preserve some bit of Eden for future generations.

We must be gentle with our ambitions so that they do not crush the fragile wings of others. For who can know? Their wings may very well be the means by which humanity finally learns to fly. Let us end the war between science and religion, of art and medicine, and of you and I. Together then, by the gifts and passions so preciously nestled in our aspirations, we shall create thereby a sort of betterment of mankind.