Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Life can lead you on the most wonderful journey. If you're willing to say "Yes" to life, then you might be surprised the magnificent places you end up. Recently I said Yes to living with my great great aunt (yes that is two greats as in my Grandfather's Mother's Sister) who I had never met. She has a beautiful historic brownstone in Brooklyn, New York. To help you, The house has a two car garage that's how old it is. Nobody has a garage in New York! Well, at 95 years old my Aunt is full of the most fantastic things and I have learned a great deal about living a very long and wonderful life.

Plus she has led me to rediscover my love for all things vintage. This woman had such style! Diamond broaches, fur coats, sequins and enough hats to send to the next royal wedding--You name it. Even vintage perfumes on every shelf. Today I found vintage Gucci from Paris. Sure it's all in complete disarray but living here has been a completely unexpected adventure.

Things I've learned:
1. I have the greatest genes.
2. I have a new mouse friend, I named her Delores.
3. Friends really can last a lifetime
4. Travel as much as you can and to everywhere you can imagine.
5. Dessert should be eaten every day (we both agree)
6. Wash everything before you use it.
7. Church, church, church.
8. Real style is timeless.
9. Wearing expensive perfume makes life more luxurious.
10. If you don't want to put on clothes, don't.

The Vintage Adventures of G.G. And Nikki

GG: (on the phone) hello?... Yes hello? I need to have the cylinder changed on a door and also to get keys made... Uh huh... $65.00!?! Just for that? You got to be kidding me. Oh c'mon. That's too expensive you guys charge to much! How about I call you back. (hangs up the phone) Pass me that phone book.
NIKKI: Sure what for?
GG: I'm going to call around until I get a cheaper price. They must think I'm a fool.

(after returning home from a long day filming)
NIKKI Hey auntie I'm back.
GG: Oh, hey! Whassup?

(Nikki is lying In her bedroom which is across the hall from the bathroom. GG walks down the hall to use the restroom.)
GG: You might want to pull your door shut. I've got to do some serious business in here.
(moments later GG emerges from the bathroom)
NIKKI: Take care of business?
GG: Uh huh.

GG: Now lets get acquainted. What do you do?
NIKKI: I'm an actor and a writer.
GG: Oh boy I never knew we had an actress in the family!

GG: So you like baseball to huh?
NIKKI: Yep. The Braves are my team.
GG: I Always listen to the Mets on the radio. I love the Mets, but I can't stand those damn Yankees. Too popular.
NIKKI: Oh were going to be best friends.