Monday, December 28, 2015

This Little Light

“Don’t forget your lights!”

This is something my father would routinely say whenever we would leave the house in the evening. It was his way of keeping the electric bill low and the bulb’s life, saved.

I remember the first time I was old enough to change a light bulb. It was a tableside lamp, the kind that had many times kept us company during hours of late night study. The bulb seemed to me so fragile that I feared to take it out of its socket.

“What if I get electrocuted?” I’d question.
“But how else will you be able to see in the dark if you don’t change it?”

In 2016, may we all fearlessly change our bulbs and burn more brightly.  May we clearly embrace the shining new year and all its goodness.  With each and every day you embark upon: don't forget your light.  Father I pray that you help us to take a deep look at the shadows of our lives and exchange it for your eternal light. Never burn out. Never camp in darkness.  Never lose hope.

Change your bulb.