Friday, December 3, 2010

What's My Sexy?

sexy [ˈsɛksɪ]
adj 1. provoking or intended to provoke sexual interest a sexy dress a sexy book
2. feeling sexual interest; aroused 3. interesting, exciting, or trendy

When I was thirteen I had a big head on a freakishly small body. I had just gotten my braces and was still wearing bifocals on my glasses (luckily they were the invisibly lined pair). My hair never obeyed my commands and did I mention I had a really big head? Feel free to laugh at any point. I do.

Well the summer before school came back in session I was determined to change all that. I wanted to be like those girls in the movies that came back from summer and all of a sudden had double D's and couldn't fit her gym shorts. When the first day of school came around and that didn't happen I was very disappointed in my still tween body.

Now, I'm not claiming anything unique because I pretty sure every woman went through that at some point. Every woman, and even guys, wants to look in the mirror and feel like she is Sexy (with a capital S). Our idea of what sexy is so influenced by the media and celebrities that its almost impossible to ever think of ourselves that way. But being sexy is all about just that-thinking. Its a simple shift of mind set to truly love oneself. I'm not talking conceit. I mean love, appreciation, indulging, and unconditional love. Whether its your perfect nose, or favorite shoes if you think sexy, you feel sexy, and all of a sudden are sexy.


SEXY adj dangerously intriguing quality that captures desirous encounters with the seven sins; or paint splattered noun a frame of mind that includes pride and self confidence verb embracing of ones flaws