Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

It is Valentine's Day! The day in which we are supposed to tell those we love that we well... love them. Personally I believe we should tell (and show) our love more than just one day a year, but it is good to have a nice little reminder of how fortunate we are to have those people in our lives. Love is such a beautiful thing and contagious in all the best ways. If you are lucky enough to have love, you have something very precious--always treat it and that person with care. As a single this Valentine's day, I plan on filling the day with as much love for humanity as possible. You can never OD on love.

Found yourself without a Valentine or that Special Someone on Valentine's Day? No big deal, there are many more days in the year and billions of other fish in the sea. Get together with a bunch of other singles and live it up. Do things that you all love to do like eat dessert, watch a movie, or play sports. Whatever you do don't do it alone. Why would you want to remind yourself that you're alone on the day where everyone seems to have somebody? The best thing to do is share your time and love with those who will do the same.
Sometimes you legitimately cannot come up with something wonderful enough to show that wonderful person just how wonderful they are. If you find yourself scratching for ideas today, here are a few pointers I can give you fellas:
  • DO NOT go to the cliches. Chances are if you are in this predicament, you were trying to avoid the stock Valentine's ideas anyway. What ever you do please don't go to the store and get the little stuffed animal with a box of chocolates. Creativity really goes the wrong way.
  • DO show her you know her. Pick a gift, activity, and or restaurant that you know she enjoys or will like. If your date likes Coldplay play the music in the car. If she's outdoorsy camp out for the night. She'll think you actually listen when she talks.
  • DO NOT go over board. Too much love is like your Mom on the first day of school. You want your date to feel special, not like the Queen of England. It should be about the quality of time you spend, not the quantity of what you spent.
  • DO something unusual for the two of you. No need to use a dirty mind here, just do something out of the ordinary. Do you typically go out on dates? Why not plan a night in. Always eat at the same restaurant? Go some place you’ve both never tried.
  • DO NOT try a big restaurant. At this point, it'll be really tough to find a big chain restaurant that has reservations available. Let's face it, everyone who has a stomach will be going out to dinner tonight. Last minute it will be best to find a small cozy and intimate place to eat OR you can stay in and make dinner.
  • DO be honest. If you really have nothing to do for the day, just say that. Better to be honest than to look foolish for trying. Apologize and come up with something by the weekend. You could even say "I couldn't come up with something as great as you are."

Since this is a fashion blog I've got a few things to say on Valentine's Day Fashion. Personally I'm such a tomboy but I love Valentine's day because it gives me an excuse to be a girly-girl.

  • Be the best version of yourself. My motto is and always will be "Look Good, Feel good." On Valentine's day, why not look as good as you feel. (HINT: if you feel bad, try stepping it up in the looks department)
  • Romance your outfit. I love outfits that are flirty and just as romantic as the whole Valentine's day idea. Try lace, ruffles, pink, pearls, and pastels.
  • Look soft. I usually go for the whole studs and sneakers inspired looks but on such a romantic day I feel compelled to go softer. Easy on the eyeliner, harsh lipcolors, and severe hairstyles (ie Ponytails and Buns). Loosen it all up and just be soft and subtle.
  • I dare you not to wear a dress. It's so easy to wear a dress on Valentine's day, try a skirt or pants to be bold.
  • Dress for the date. There is nothing worse then wearing heels when you're walking down the beach or flip-flops when you're at a fancy restaurant. Feel free to ask the guy how you should dress to make sure you're appropriate.


These songs may not be the most well known, but for what ever reason when I think of true, perfect, and beautiful love these are my absolute favorites. Feel free to love them as much as I do.

- *Beautiful Wonderful by Anthony Hamilton
- *Bigger Than Us by Andy Davis
- Falling Slowly from the movie 'Once'
- Love is Not a Fight by Shayne Ward
- If I Never Get to Heaven by Javier
- Adore by Prince
- Make You feel my Love by Adele
- Never Felt this Way/Butterflyz by Alicia Keys
- The Sweetest Love by Robin Thicke
- *I’m Yours by the Script
- Beautiful As You by Jim Brickman

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to School Cool

So its the first day of my last semester of college. So, in honor of this special occasion I am determined to kill it with my 'back to school outfit'. Let's face it you got to look your best when you're coming back into the classroom full of people you haven't seen since last break or summer vacation. Whether you're just going back to school today, or want to know how to work it in general in the academic world.

So here are my 10 Commandments for back to school wear (for some of you this is way late but cut me some slack people!):

  1. Thou Shalt Work It - Enough said

  2. Thou Shalt not Wear the Same thing as Someone Else - This is the cardinal sin of school fashion and fashion in general. If this happens to you, find a jacket or get creative and start cutting pantlegs off.

  3. Thou Shalt Pop a Tag - This just means wear something new. Wear two things new even. Just don't go too overboard with new stuff. You don't want to show all your cool new things as soon as you get them. Mix and match it with something old to ensure longevity of coolness.

  4. Thou Shalt Look Smart - You are going to school, look like it. If you look smart, you feel smart, and therefore are smart. It's a great way to fool the teachers too.

  5. Thou Shalt Be on Time - I know you want to look perfect, but make sure you are on time to class. It doesn't matter what you put on if you sweat to death running to get to class on time. To be safe pick out your outfit the night before and do not change it in the morning.

  6. Thou Shalt Smile - Always the best accessory even if you know there is lots of homework ahead. You haven't seen these people in a while, show them you missed them.

  7. Thou Shalt not get Dirty - Try your best not to get the apparel dirty. Particularly if it's new.

  8. Thou Shalt not Over do It - Less is always more, particularly when going to class. You are going to learn not walk in NYC Fashion week. No need to get avant garde just keep it classy (get my pun?)

  9. Thou Shalt use a Good Bag - For carrying those books, you have to have a bag that fits the look- most all of your looks. Pick a bookbag, briefcase, laptop bag or large tote you wouldn't mind putting on with 70-75% of your wardrobe.

  10. Back to School Hair - You may not have had the money for some new digs but a fresh hair cut can make a world of difference. My first day of high school I had the best outfit picked out but the humidity completely ruined my hair. Not cool.