Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girls, Stop it... You're Both Pretty!

If you've been following the news, I'm sure you've heard about the recent economic crisis and school girl bickering going on in American politics. So in this time of financial woe does it really make since to spend money on anything we don't need? I say of course not. But just because you're being financially savvy doesn't mean your style has to suffer too. You should always invest in good quality staple items that are going to transcend decades, fashion trends, and in the end your finances. "The key to a good investment is longevity. It has to work yesterday, today, and tomorrow." Stay tuned for a new financial feature on this blog: Imitation Creation. A 'look for less' segment teaching you how to duplicate great high end looks for way less.

Things you should always invest in:
-Properly fitting Intimates and Underwear
-A Quality Bag
-Basics (Tees and Tanks without graphics)
Things it's okay to invest in every couple of years:
-Replacement Items (things you've had before and have worn out)
-Jeans (or dress pants)
-Exercise Gear

Before making an investment purchase ask:
-Is this a fad item that may leave trend in the near future?
-Do I have something like it in my wardrobe already?
-Will I ever find anything like it again? Is it one of a kind?
-Will it coordinate well with 70-85% of my existing wardrobe?
-If it's X amount of dollars would I use it X amount of times? (For example $189 pair of sunglasses should theoretically be worn 189 times at least)
-Is quality important, or can I find something similar for less?

If most of these questions answer accordingly, you might have a really great investment piece on your hand.