Thursday, June 10, 2010

Extra Noise

Ok so for the past few days I've been on a commercial shoot. I'm one of the leads and there are like 17 different scenes to shoot. In each scene we have to use new extras to fill the space and give myself people to interact with. Its been a blast but I can't help but laugh every time we get the new extras. Some of them know each other, or think they do, and most are completely green. They are so green I think the hulk would be jealous. But the way they medicate this is by boasting about all thier film shoots and extra jobs. "Oh yeah so have you done any film work before?" said he. "Yeah I just got off of a shoot last week for XYZXYZ" said she. "That's nice. I did an campaign for ABCABC to weeks ago. I got paid a lot" said he. It was great. I got a lot of close ups." Its hilarious. Every single one of them tries way to hard to be themselves--if that's humanly possible. What' funny is the crew was having a hard time with them. It's not what you did babe, its what you do. You feel me? Ha. Any way Time to head back to set.

NOTE TO SELF: When an extra, or a principal, or ever-- never talk about another shoot while on a shoot.


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