Thursday, December 15, 2011

Apartment Joys

It has been forever in the making but I am so proud to say that on December 27th I will be finally moving in to my Manhattan Apartment! What a way to end and start a new year, huh? L-u-c-k-y and blessed is my life, nothing short of magical things keep happening. Mostly I'm stoked to decorate. I'm so stoked I've been designing this space in my sleep. Inspiration is what I live for.

I just love how warm and spontaneous it is
Vintage charm in a modern way
Pesonal favorite.
Well, this little roomate won't be added for a while....

Also this means I get to be reunited with my stuff. Simple I Am, and I love my suitcase but I'm begining to feel like there is no such thing as personal space or style anymore. Only a few more days until I'm reunited with the more complete half of my life. Oh, how I've missed...

  • My Guitar (Vance)

  • My Entire Wardrobe

  • My Shoes

  • My Running/Yoga

  • Cooking and Cleaning

  • My Entire Wardrobe

  • Cable

  • My Shampoo

  • My Entire Wardrobe

  • My Artwork

  • My Entire Wardrobe

  • My Shoes

I cannot wait to have my first domestic gathering in my new dwellings. You're all invited! xo


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