Monday, May 23, 2011

99 Problems but a Degree Ain't One

I iz oficially edumacated now!

With three years of academic rigger behind me I am done with that thing called college. Don't get me wrong I am totally appreciative to my alma mater for all their support but the real world is much more fascinating. That is to say I figured it out pretty quickly. College is a trial and error period. It's where you are supposed to make mistakes so that you get it all out of your system. But here's my thing; I don't make mistakes--at least not the kind college solicits. I believe everything happens for a reason. Good, bad, not so good, etc No matter what situations arise from our actions we are ultimately to keep living through them. I also know that no matter how many degrees I obtain or old I become I will always make mistakes, what matters most is that I remember to forgive myself every single time.

I've Got 99 Problems (but I won't list them).

So here I go. Into the concrete jungle and the industry that makes people sell their souls. Thanks for all The memories college its been interesting. But most importantly thanks to my friends for life, you all know I love you very much and though we are now apart I can't wait to see what this chapter in all of our lives bring. You are talented beyond measure and I expect nothing but great things, and even if you make mistakes know that I will always be here to pick you up, dust you off, and pat you on the butt and send you on your way. As for me, its time to live the life I have imagined in the only place I bElong. New York City. Oh, Don't fret I'll be blogging all the while.


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